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What is a Digital Graffiti Wall?

What is a Digital Graffiti Wall?

Thursday 7th May 2020
Fat Panda Events

What is a Digital Graffiti Wall?

At it's simplest, a Digital Graffiti Wall is an enclosure and screen that simulate Graffiti using technology as opposed to spray paint.

Digital Graffiti is a truly immersive, creative experience where guests create art by "painting" on the Digital Graffiti Wall.

Our Digital Graffiti Wall is a 3 metre wide, 2.2 metre tall, 2m deep enclosure that is transported in a series of road cases and built at the venue. Setting up the enclosure takes approximately 30 minutes, with another 30 minutes or so to calibrate everything. Once complete, it won't fail to draw everyone's attention.

Digital Graffiti uses authentic spray cans control everything. With the digital spray cans, your guests can choose all sorts of variables from:

  • spray colour
  • opacity
  • size
  • style

Digital Graffiti can also simulate dripping paint as if you held your can in one place for too long.

The Digital Graffiti Wall comes loaded with stickers and stencils that guests can place on their artwork.

The team at Fat Panda Events can also create custom stencils and stamps: for instance for a brand event we can create a sticker from your logo and reduce or even remove other options to keep everything in line with your brand vision.

For corporate events, why not take it a step further and create a custom colour palette that uses your brand specific colours: down to the hex code!

Check out our range of ready to go packages, or if you're after something completely bespoke, fill out our contact form and we'll get in touch to help bring your vision to life.

Our base level Digital Graffiti Wall Hire package includes free delivery and set up*, an attendant to guide guests in case they get stuck and our standard plain black Digital Graffiti Wall enclosure.

We have a range of Digital Graffiti add ons and extras including:

Instant print outs

4"x 6" prints of guests artwork (10cm x 15cm in metric)

live photo mode

We set up a photo station using either the Digital Graffiti Wall as a background, or one of our 8 x 8 foot tension fabric backgrounds. An attendant will then snap a picture of the guest(s) which is then immediately uploaded to the Digital Graffiti Wall where it can then be painted over, customised with stencils and stickers

email sharing

Guests can share their Digital Graffiti artwork to their email addresses. These can be collected in a fully GDPR compliant fashion if required

live t shirt & item printing

We can print the Digital Graffiti creations of your guests onto t shirts, caps, mugs, mouse mats, phone cases, place mats and many more items

Is Digital Graffiti Wall Hire right for my event?

Ultimately, this depends on the type of event you're hosting Where guest engagement is desired, Digital Graffiti can be a fantastic tool; especially trade show stands and corporate team building events.

If you're still unsure, contact us using our contact form, and one of the team will help you decide.