Terms & Conditions

"We", and "us" refers to Fat Panda Events Limited unless otherwise stated
"The Client" refers to any persons/organisation hiring equipment and or services from Fat Panda Events Limited.
Fat Panda Events Limited offers photo booths and party equipment rental services to customers. These terms and conditions aim to state our responsibilities to you, The Client, and your responsibilities to us in providing the agreed upon service.


• The Client must be 18 years or older at the time of booking
• By booking with us you are agreeing to the terms outlined below
• By submitting an enquiry you agree to let us send marketing materials/provide sales follow up. You can opt out at any time
• Once a reservation fee payment has been made and email confirmation sent, this shall be considered a binding contract
• Changes to requirements (including but not limited to) hire start/end times will result in additional charges. Please ensure you communicate these accurately at the point of booking
• If booking on behalf of a client, please ensure you have accurate information
• If you are booking on behalf of a client, our contract is with you
• If booking our services as part of a large scale event, please ensure the event manager/ coordinator is made aware of our arrival time/ set up requirements/ packing up times
• If no payment has been made we are under no obligation to arrive at an event; we will however endeavour to inform you on multiple occasions prior to this last resort.
• Prices provided over the phone are estimates only. Quotes will be provided by email.
• Quotes are valid for 30 days unless otherwise stated and prices are not guaranteed until the reservation fee payment has been received
• last minute events (where an event date is 7 or fewer days away) will have a 50% rush fee added to the initially quoted price
• last minute events (where an event date is 7 or fewer days away) must pay the full invoice amount by the invoice due date. Payment after these timescales does not guarantee your equipment will be available. Any payments made after the invoice due date are non refundable.

• Quotes are made based on the following assumptions:

- We will be able to set up and test our equipment safely, and unimpeded. For example: if your preferred set up location is on the opposite side of a dining hall; we can't safely load large items in/out whilst guests are seated and this will need to be accounted for by adding idle hours to your booking
- one person will be able to load in/set up
- Adequate loading in space/facilities exist at your venue and we won't face excessive delays waiting for: lifts, access to service corridors, loading bay slots etc...
- Parking is available either on site or within a 5 minute walk. Failure to communicate this may lead to delays and additional costs which we cannot be held liable for

• Quotes where third party travel providers are required; including but not limited to: ferries, planes and trains etc... are subject to the latest prices and may change. Please ensure timely payment is made to avoid potential unexpected increases.
• Changes to the original enquiry details negate any special offers/ incentives to book sent in the original quote
• All changes to event details MUST be sent via email
• Details of what is included in your chosen package will be sent in your quote: if it's not mentioned in the quote, it's not included.
• Custom requests/ requests for specific themes must be made at the point of booking
• Hand washing and lavatorial facilities are expected to be available at your venue.
• By confirming any booking via email it will be deemed that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions
• All items offered for free as an incentive to book are subject to availability and no customisation is included. If we are unable to supply these, no refunds will be given
• Occasionally emails can end up in spam/junk folders: it is your responsibility to ensure you check these
• You are responsible for providing accurate information regarding your event venue. We do not conduct site visits as standard however these can be requested and will incur additional charges of a minimum of £150 +VAT depending on location.
• You are responsible for ensuring your chosen venue is suitable and made aware of what you are hiring
• You assume all liability for ensuring you have the correct permit(s) if your event is taking place in a public space


1) A non-refundable reservation fee of £100 +VAT per item or service must be paid to confirm your booking unless stated otherwise in writing. For larger events where more planning is required this will be up to 50% of the booking fee. Your booking is not confirmed until we have received cleared funds OR we have confirmation from our Payment Provider that a transaction has been completed
1a) Events that require travel/overnight stays require 50% of the booking fee as a reservation fee. This is to cover travel costs and other associated costs
2) The remaining balance must be paid AT LEAST 14 days prior to the event. Non payment to these timescales will be taken as cancellation and equipment may be re-booked to other events. No refunds will be given.
3) promotional offers/rates are non refundable and only valid for the time stated.
4) Limited time offers are valid for the time stated in your quote/on your invoice. If you fail to make payment within the agreed upon time frame the offer will revert to the original price. If you pay the reduced rate after the deadline you will be liable for the difference or not receive the offer.
5) Late payment of invoices will be charged at statutory rate of 8% plus the Bank of England base rate plus the associated administrative fee. Please see:
https://www.gov.uk/late-commercial-payments-interest-debt-recovery/charging-interest-commercial-debt for more information

6) ALL cancellation requests must be made in writing via email to info@fatpandaevents.co.uk quoting the event date and invoice number
•Cancellations over 30 days from the event date will be refunded 100% of the remaining invoice balance, minus the non refundable reservation fee
•Cancellations within 30-15 days from the event date will be liable for 50% of the remaining invoice balance, minus the non refundable reservation fee
•Cancellations within 14 days from the event date will be liable for 100% of the remaining invoice balance.


7) Bookings made during the Covid-19 lockdown period are fully transferable should your event not be able to take place as planned due to Government restrictions on gatherings or a venue cancelling. Any custom requests eg branded panels for arcade machines will not be refunded if they have had to be purchased by us.
7a) If transferring your booking to a new date, this needs to be done as soon as reasonably possible, and at least 14 days before the current event date
7b) Failure to rearrange your event or request a refund will lead to your reservation fee being forfeited
7c) If cancelling due to a venue closing, event being cancelled, or similar, you will need to provide evidence that the event is no longer able to go ahead


1. All equipment provided remains property of Fat Panda Events Limited at all times
2. Adequate security must be in place at your venue
3. We reserve the right to stop the event if there is a danger to either our staff or equipment. The decision rests with the attendant and is non-negotiable. No refunds will be given.
4. Unless expressly agreed, ALL equipment requires an indoor setting with a solid, stable, level floor with 13 amp, 240V power no further than 5m away from the equipment's intended location. The client assumes all liability for trailing cables
5. Delays as a result of placement indecision on the client's part will not be refunded.
6. Delays due to excessive loading distances will not be refunded: generally we allow 30 mins to unload equipment to the chosen location, and an hour to set up the equipment, and will arrive 90 minutes prior to the event start time unless otherwise agreed. Please ensure as much detail as possible is given at the time of booking to avoid unplanned delays however this may change during busy periods. During busy periods, equipment may need to be set up early and collected later.
6.a) if your event is running behind schedule, and we aren't able to set up to the above timescales, to be ready for your chosen time, we cannot be held liable. The original end time will remain unchanged.
7. Delays due to lack of appropriate power/choosing a location will also not be refunded
8. Once set up, the equipment cannot be moved. Please choose carefully. We will work with you to choose the best spot but will not be held liable for low usage due to bad placement
9. A maximum of 6 guests at a time inside our Classic Booth. The attendant's decision is final
10. The client is liable for any damage to ANY equipment during the hire period
11. Damaged equipment will be charged at current replacement cost and invoiced to The Client
12. Parking arrangements must be made. Unless otherwise stated we require one parking space for a 3.5 ton, high roof van. Parking charges incurred due to failure to provide parking plus a 10% admin fee will be charged to The Client.
13. Events held in venues that fall within congestion charging/vehicle emission zones (for example TFLs Congestion Charge/ULEZ zone ) will have a £50 + VAT fee added to the invoice total to cover these costs as well as the increased cost of parking. Where an event starts on one day and finishes past midnight this will increase to £100 +VAT
14. We accept no liability for damage to property or injury occurred due to hiring of our services
15. We accept no liability for perceived damage to your brand/reputation/standing etc... as a result of our services
16. The Client agrees to let us promote our business subtly by displaying business cards/ leaflets etc...
17. Our staff must be allowed access to complete their tasks. Eg: at trade shows: our staff members must be given their own access pass to allow them in and out of the building. Failure to do so will result in immediate cancellation of the event with no refund given
18. By booking with us through any means, it is assumed that the client has read through and agreed to these terms.
19. In the unlikely event of a complaint this must be made in writing within 24 hours of the hire ending
20. Equipment may vary slightly in appearance from our website as we continually update our product offering.
21. In the unlikely event equipment fails prior to your event you will offered a choice of a full refund or an alternative of the same value
22. Additional time may be requested, details of additional hourly rates will be made clear in your quote. Any requests for extra time are subject to equipment/attendant availability.
23. Children must be supervised at all times


1. All equipment listed for sale is sold as "ex-hire". Equipment is sold as seen with no warranty implied or otherwise. Support is available for an additional charge. You are welcome to make your own arrangements to view/inspect prior to purchase
2. The condition of items varies but will show signs of cosmetic wear and tear. All items are tested before sale. You are welcome to arrange your own checks before purchasing
3. Shipping is dependent on courier availability: equipment is usually large & heavy requiring specialist transport: please make sure to notify us if you require items by certain dates. Items with flight cases can be shipped with a courier of your choice, equipment without will be delivered by one of our drivers at £2 +VAT per mile each way
4. We are unable to ship items until payment in full (including delivery fees) is received
5. Quoted delivery fees are valid for the time stated. These are subject to availability and out of our control due to using third party suppliers.
6. Any changes made to initial agreements resulting in additional fees must be paid before an item is shipped
7. Returns not accepted


• We will provide a fully working photo booth to the client as agreed upon in the booking process. We allow up to 15 minutes per 3 hours of hire for routine maintenance such as clearing paper jams, changing paper and ink rolls and lens cleaning. 4 hours; 20 minutes and so on.
• Events with email and sms sharing are dependent on adequate mobile data service being available at the venue. There may be delays/disruption if signal is poor/unavailable where we are set up.
• If sharing pictures to work/company emails, please be aware that your company may block emails with attachments from unknown sources and pictures might not be delivered. It is your responsibility to make arrangements with respective departments within your organisation if planning to use pictures for competitions etc...
• We accept no liability for disruption caused by (but not limited to) delivery delays/failures due to company firewalls etc...
• Operational down time due to external factors outside our control (eg. power cuts) will not be refunded
• Where possible we will try to inform the Client 30 mins before the end of the hire period and offer additional time if available.
• The attendant will turn off and begin packing down the equipment at the end of the agreed hire period. Loading restrictions/curfews etc MUST be made known at the time of booking.
• There will be additional charges if we are prevented from removing our equipment at the end of the hire period for any reason. This is to cover the additional costs incurred collecting on a subsequent day.
• Please ensure all staff (particularly venue security) are made aware that we will need to move equipment in and out of the venue before and after the hire period. If we are prevented from moving equipment / unable to move due to obstructions there will be additional charges issued to The Client. These charges are to cover unplanned overtime for attendants/additional parking etc and start at £150 +VAT
• Additional unplanned hire time is available but must be paid for before commencing and is at the attendant's discretion
• If for whatever reason a printer fails/becomes faulty the event will continue as a "digital only" experience. A maximum of £50 +VAT per event will be refunded to the client. For private events the pictures will be reprinted off site and sent to the booking contact
• Custom requests must be made at least 7 days before the date of your event and may be subject to additional cost
• Props are for use with the Photo Booth only. If guests repeatedly try and use them outside of the designated area we reserve the right to remove props for the remainder of the event
• Red Carpets can occasionally cause a trip/slip hazard and need to be taped to the floor. If there is a risk of tape damaging the floor/leaving residue, we will not put the Red Carpet down. No refunds will be given.
• Please be aware if you choose green-screen (chromakey) upgrade, that if any of your guests are wearing green clothing, these may also be replaced by the chosen image. This is NOT a fault with the equipment, but a limitation of the technology.
• We will not share proofs or mock ups until a reservation fee has been paid. If you require sign off on these, please make sure payment is made to the timescales set out in your quote


• We reserve the right to use pictures from your event as well as pictures we take to promote our brand and services, for example, on our website and social media pages


• All equipment is suitable for indoor use only. If we arrive and you plan to use equipment outdoors, without a suitable marquee including floor, we reserve the right to not set up. No refunds will be given.
• Outdoor use exceptions can be made if prior warning is provided, however you agree to accept that rain/excessive wind will cause the hire to be terminated and equipment packed away. No refunds will be given.
• Games tables, arcade machines and event décor (Light Up Letters etc...) will be delivered and set up and any defects/marks will be made apparent to the client.
• Pictures of the condition of each item on hire will be taken
• Any new damage will be chargeable to The Client. Where it is not feasible to repair damage, full replacement costs will be charged.
• Digital Graffiti will not work effectively in very bright surroundings, as it uses a projector. Excess ambient light and bright sunlight can cause malfunctions. Please ensure your area is suitable.
• Please ensure you check the dimensions of your chosen items and that you have adequate space to move items to your desired location/set them up. Some equipment is not suitable for residential environments/narrow corridors/narrow doorways etc... If we are unable to load in/set up we will have to leave. No refunds will be given
• Nothing is to be be stuck to ANY equipment without prior written/email consent
• No drinks are to be placed on ANY
equipment at any time, for any reason: failure to adhere to this may result in immediate termination of the hire, no refunds will be given
• damage/disruption due to spillages are non refundable
• Light Up Letters and Numbers are decorative items only: they must be placed against a wall
• We are unable to guarantee any of our food entertainment is 100% nut or allergen free.


• Live event printing requires the use of a heat presses reaching 200 degrees Celsius. If there is any risk of injury to your guests, we will suspend printing and print items off site and post to you within 7 days of your event
• We print on a variety of substrates. Early confirmation and ordering is essential. If we are unable to get the sizes requested, we reserve the right to substitute for a close replacement
• Unused substrates are non refundable


• we require artwork at least 21 days before the event unless otherwise stated in writing
• you accept responsibility for ensuring you have the correct permissions to use ANY artwork you provide for us to print and apply to machines
• all branding artwork/vinyl costs must be paid for in full prior to application, any changes made after materials have been printed will incur additional charges
• if you provide artwork/ customisation choices past the required deadline, a late fee of £200 +VAT per item will be added


• details of the agreement will be sent via email, and are subject to change if information we have been provided with turns out to be inaccurate
• a minimum £500 damage deposit is required on top of any rental fee which will be returned after the end of the agreed hire period; fair wear and tear permitted
• "fair wear and tear" includes minor scuffs, shallow scratches (no bigger than 4cm diameter, no deeper than 1mm). Cracked panels/screens/liquids damage/marks larger than previously described (not exhaustive list) will result in your deposit being kept


• Unless stated otherwise we require approximately 20 minutes to unload however this is subject to changed based on number of items or services booked. If loading restrictions are in place at your venue you MUST let us know in advance. If delivery/set up needs to be completed outside of these restrictions, please make sure you communicate this when submitting your enquiry, and add the required number of idle hours to your booking. Failure to do so may result in delays which we are not liable for. If we are unable to unload equipment safely at your venue, set up may be delayed and or cancelled. No refunds will be given.


• Please check your chosen item or service requirements carefully. "Stairs" refers to ANY stair or kerb that doesn't have a suitable access ramp. If we arrive at an event and there are stairs or loading obstacles that we haven't been told about we reserve the right to cancel the booking. No refunds will be given. Please note: we are unable to accept help from guests for health and safety reasons.